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About Camelot

Born out of a warehouse in West London, Camelot Films was established by the multi-talented Matt Hookings, known for his roles as an actor, writer, and producer. Matt has created an impressive portfolio from his extensive experience, cultivating a network of contacts that includes collaborations with some of the industry's leading figures such as Russell Crowe, Angelina Jolie, Michael Caine, and Tom Cruise. Matt has steered Camelot into becoming one of the most distinguished production companies in the UK and across Europe.

Camelot Films has built robust relationships with global distributors, creating six feature films within the last six years. The company has accumulated a plethora of awards across various categories, including short films, music videos and commercials, showcasing our commitment to excellence and creativity.

The brand holds trademarks in key regions, including the UK, EU, USA, Canada, and Australia.


The Team

In tandem with this success, Camelot has assembled a prolific team. Associate Producer Jay Gill joined Camelot in 2020 and his creative talents began in Choreography and Business Management. A savvy professional who oversees all operational and production duties. Commercially driven to maximise new business opportunities, his multifaceted experience in sales and marketing provide the ability to take a project from development to production.

Camelot has partnered with Nuke Media and Ninety Social. Together, these esteemed collaborators handle an array of services ranging from web development, design, photography, animation, to digital marketing. They have jointly devised innovative media solutions not only for Camelot but also for numerous international companies and brands.

Our Mission

At Camelot, we meticulously handpick projects and bring them to life, our mission is to craft dynamic, ground-breaking, and innovative films that achieve both commercial and critical acclaim. Our success is rooted in our dedication to quality and guided by our unwavering commitment to our core values: passion and quality.

We embrace our storytelling ability and film making skills to set new standards for cinematic excellence. Our devotion to film has no boundaries, aspiring success to mesmerize audiences and win over critics alike to establish the benchmark for the next generation of filmmakers. Our goal is to lead within the realm of film, redefine the possibilities and inspire a new era of creativity.